iPSP is a Payment Service Provider Company. We are enabling Internet Merchants to accept payments in their shops. Since Credit Cards are the Payment Cannel with the highest spread in the world and our merchants are demanding Credit Card Acceptance mostly from us, this Channel has the highest priority to us too.

All kind of other payment channels we can offer as well. We are having a huge network of technical partners. With those technical partners we can access more than 300 payment methods in world and as well we can help our Customer-Merchants to get the acquiring for each the desired channel.

Our strength is that we are small. Small and independent. And that we are having many years of experience in the payment sector as well as a huge and great network.

We understand the banks as well as the merchants. We understand the risks due fraud as well as the measures against it. We understand the requirements and regulations of the the card schemes and banks, we understand the challenges, hazels and the requirements of our merchants. We understand to select the right bank for the merchant and we understand to select the right merchant for the bank. And to make the business a success for all of us.

We see our markets niche in putting the right partners together. We see our market niche in putting efforts into merchant and their applications. We like to help everyone who can facilitate our network and knowledge.

We saw many merchants suffering. And we saw many banks suffering. And we saw the solution. Ask us and will make it work for all parties involved.

Simply ask us.